A downloadable game for Android

LiE, is a platformer Game!

You are a wizard,the hero of your village. One day you were kidnapped by evil wizards and trapped you in a castle! You must escape before the evil wizards, plan to destroy all good in the world! Its up to you and your platformer skills.

Art by: Määttä,SketchyZambie

Created by: SketchyZambie, Max, Lassi Määttä

Was supposed to be submitted for Community Game Jam 2019!

Install instructions

  • Download the .zip and extract it.   
  • (There's already a folder, with the contents, so you don't have to create one)
  • Keep the LiE,pck with LiE.exe/LiE.x86_64 ( in the same folder) at all times otherwise, game wont function.


LiE Windows x64.zip 54 MB
LiE Linux x86_64.zip 43 MB
Main_Theme (Puzzle_Peaceful) 1 MB
LIE.apk 60 MB

Development log